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Based in Barrington, My Carpet Cleaning offers cleaning services for a variety of carpets, upholstery, mattresses, rugs, carpet tiles and fibers.

‘Very happy with the services provided by My Carpet Cleaning. The wine stain has disappeared from my white carpet. (I) Hired them twice a year for recurring carpet cleaning services. Highly recommended!””

ā€” Georg Dimitrov

BARRINGTON, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, October 3, 2022 / — The conventional method of carpet cleaning Using shampoo or detergent has many disadvantages, from leaving a wet suds residue that takes a long time to dry to quickly re-soiling the carpet. With the introduction of encapsulation technology in the late 70’s and later dry carpet cleaning methods, homeowners now have the opportunity to receive efficient and safe carpet or rug cleanings upholstery cleaning without damaging your valuable carpets. In addition, many professional companies are now using environmentally friendly and non-allergic solutions and steam cleaning equipment to conveniently and safely care for carpets, furniture and fibers in residential and commercial properties. For example, Barrington-based My Carpet Cleaning uses carpet manufacturers’ preferred cleaning techniques to clean fabrics, restore and remove stubborn stains and ingrained dirt and debris from carpets, upholstery and tile.

Depending on the condition, a professional company may choose different carpet cleaning techniques to ensure safe and effective results. For example, hot water vacuuming or steam cleaning is preferred for people who are sensitive to chemicals and detergents. Because steaming also removes bacteria and mold from the carpet, this method is best for preventing allergy problems at home or in the office. However, it may take time to dry, so it is not recommended for corporate offices with heavy traffic. For commercial spaces and busy households, dry cleaning is great for large carpets and carpets Carpet cleaning area. Most reputable professionals understand the different needs of clients and adapt their approach to the requirements. My Carpet Cleaning is a company of trained and certified fabric cleaning, restoration and protection specialists offering custom cleaning of ceramic tile, carpet and upholstery in Barrington, IL.

‘Very happy with the services provided by My Carpet Cleaning. The wine stain has disappeared from my white carpet. (I) Hired them twice a year for recurring carpet cleaning services. Highly recommended!” – George Dimitrov

Another inexpensive and quick method of carpet cleaning is hood cleaning, which removes dirt and pollutants from the surface. However, it is not suitable for deep cleaning of the floor surface. Think of hood cleaning as a regular maintenance and care solution to keep carpets and rugs looking their best.

A professional carpet cleaning at home is not just about the carpets. It’s also a good idea to hire tile and grout cleaning and sealing services for a complete look. Professional cleaning removes dirt and residue that regular mopping doesn’t remove. For example, steam cleaning ceramic tiles can do wonders for the look of a kitchen or bathroom floor. After cleaning house tiles, many professionals advise sealing the joints again so that dirt does not settle again so quickly. Many homeowners and commercial property owners in Barrington, IL recommend My Carpet Cleaning for regular carpet, upholstery, and tile cleaning because of their expertise, certified technicians, non-allergic products, and 100% customer satisfaction.

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My Carpet Cleaning is a trusted company providing carpet, upholstery, tile and grout cleaning, stain removal and maintenance services to commercial and residential properties in Barrington, IL for over a decade. The company guarantees its work and offers upfront prices for carpet cleaning, as well as licensed specialists, cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly solutions.

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