Air Duct Cleaning

If you hire a duct cleaning company to come to your home and clean your ducts, it is prudent to make sure first of a few things. The first business you discover may not be the cleverest thing to do. Checking out properly any business that comes into your home should ensure you get the right people for the job.
You don’t want to invite anyone into your home without first learning something about them. Below are some helpful tips on what to do before you book any duct cleaning service.

Things to know related to Air Duct Cleaning Service:

  1. First Ask for References
  2. A reputable company that has done great work in the past would have no trouble giving you a few references. Many companies know that word of mouth is a fantastic way to boost revenue, and they also ask clients if they can use it as references. When you are working with a business that absolutely can not have references; it’s best to find another cleaning service for yourself.
  3. Learn how long they spent in this company
  4. A smart way to find out whether a company knows what they’re doing is to inquire how long they’ve done it. Do not hesitate to ask the owner how long the ducts have been cleaned and if they say a month, it is probably safer to go with another service. You would not want your duct work to fall into somebody’s hands who is still learning to learn the market.
  5. Find out the BBB Agency
  6. The BBB or Better Business Bureau maintains a database of all grievances against companies lodged with them. The BBB analyses how businesses treat these grievances, and then rates them. You can check out almost every business that has a file with the BBB, to see how they compare. If the organization you are searching for has a grade F, it is probably prudent not to do business with them.
  7. Test the Company and its Technicians
  8. While talking to the sales team, they inquire if they have reviewed their technicians history and tested the product. Be sure to inquire if there is full insurance at the service. Being sure that the business that works with you has insurance will cover your home from any harm that may occur during the cleaning process.This will also protect you, the landlord, against any harm in the event of an accident while the staff are on your farm.
  9. Have your contract written before beginning some job
  10. Make sure you get all in writing and get it signed before any work has begun on your duct work. Make sure you read everything in the contract will keep you from finding out later that you have to pay a surcharge. Most truthful duct cleaning services will be priced up front and contracts short, easy to understand.

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