Upper Marlboro, Maryland – Recent studies have shown that property damage caused by home appliances costs owners millions of dollars in damages. Dryer fires account for almost 80% of these fires. It is where Capitol air care enter the game. With two decades of experience, this company offers dryer vent cleaning services.

Capitol Air Care uses the latest technology and equipment in its Greater Upper Marlboro dryer vent cleaning Services. In addition to cleaning, this company offers a dryer inspection. The specialist recommends that Upper Marlboro residents have their dryer vents checked annually.

Capitol Air Care’s services are ideal for people who, despite a full drying cycle, are experiencing damp clothing, an unexpected odor from their dryer vent units, or a warm area after turning the system on. Other problems include clogging of metal tailpipes and transition hoses, sticking exhaust flaps, and deposits on the outer dryer ports.

In addition to reducing dryer fires by 65%, this dryer inspection and cleaning service reduces utility bills and extends system life. Capitol Air Care reduces ceiling and wall damage and mold growth caused by water build-up and clogged exhaust pipes. Another advantage of this service is that it protects customers from the inconveniences of faulty devices.

Explaining more about their mission and services, the Capitol Air Care representative remarked, “Our mission is to bring clean, healthy, quality air to our customers’ communities by using safe and efficient purification techniques that are environmentally friendly, and at the same time a customer-centric team of talented associates maintained by individuals who embrace and live our core philosophy of respect, integrity and honesty.”

Other venting services offered include installing dryer vent hoses and bird screens, vent inspection and cleaning. Capitol Air Care also offers chimney inspection, cleaning and refractory panel services.

Fungi, bacteria and dusty materials accumulate on cooling coils, heating coils and air ductwork. Capitol Air Care specialists use state-of-the-art equipment to clean these systems. They clean ventilation devices, exhaust air fans, room fan convectors, mixing boxes, post-heating registers, ducts, induction devices, diffuser grilles and registers. By cleaning these systems, the specialists improve operation and energy efficiency.

Capitol Air Care improves air quality through its HVAC cleaning services. Improved air quality reduces the risk of sick building syndrome (SBS), which is associated with headaches, fatigue, eye and nose irritation, dizziness and nausea. This company services residential real estate, government institutions, schools, hospitals, libraries and medical facilities, among others.

Capitol Air Care is certified by the NADCA as a specialist in air system cleaning and mold remediation of ventilation systems. Contact this company by phone at (301) 780-3402 to schedule a service appointment. Visit the company’s website to learn more about the services offered.

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