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The Miami Duct and Dryer Cleaning Expert helps homeowners prevent fires caused by airflow restrictions in their clothes dryers

Miami, Florida, September 30, 2022, , HVAC company Carvajal A/C Mechanical Corp provides comprehensive dryer vent cleaning services to help homeowners comply with the Miami-Dade Fire Department’s recent recommendations for preventing fire hazards from clothes dryers. While it’s possible for homeowners to prevent fires by cleaning the clothes dryer filters after every wash, it’s difficult to remove lint trapped deep in the dryer without the help of experienced HVAC professionals.

Carvajal A/C Mechanical Corp solves this problem and urges homeowners to consider its services.

According to the United States Fire Administration, there are about 6 deaths and 50 injuries for every 1,000 residential fires in Florida. Miami-Dade has one of the highest annual fire-related deaths of any county in the Sunshine State, and experts cite dryer vents clogged with dust, fibers and/or lint as one of the biggest factors.

This suggests that removing lint from tumble dryers alone isn’t enough to prevent home fires — especially when dust is trapped in parts of the dryer that homeowners can’t clean without the help of dryer vent cleaning experts like the vents. Carvajal A/C Mechanical Corp’s Dryer Vent Cleaning Service is a direct answer to this problem.

Carvajal A/C Mechanical Corp contractors are technically skilled at removing the dust that has accumulated in the deepest parts of a clothes dryer vent tube. This will ensure that the dryer does not overheat and ignite the dust inside. The company’s technicians also advise customers on how often they should have their dryers cleaned, depending on factors such as the age of the machine and how often it is used.

When Carvajal A/C Mechanical Corp contractors determine that one of their customers’ tumble dryers is likely to pose a fire hazard despite a thorough vent cleaning, they will make appropriate recommendations, e.g. B. a replacement.

A spokesman for Carvajal A/C Mechanical Corp commented, “Homeowners believe the vents in old dryers are more likely to become blocked and cause fires. The fact of the matter is that the brand, model, and age of a dryer have no bearing on whether the dryer poses a fire hazard. An old dryer that is routinely checked for dust blockages by HVAC companies is far safer than a new dryer that is not. No matter how fancy a dryer is, it needs a thorough cleaning at least once a year, depending on how often it’s used.”

When asked if Carvajal A/C Mechanical Corp’s other services are helping to reduce the risk of fires in residential areas, the spokesman replied, “Absolutely. We’re an HVAC company – so we’re well versed in investigating different types of equipment designed to heat or cool your home that may potentially cause a fire. Whether you have a ductless air conditioner that is overheating due to a failed outdoor condenser, or a central air conditioning system with clogged ducts, you can be assured that our contractors will figure it out and fix it immediately to prevent fires in your home. “

In addition to dryer cleaning, Carvajal A/C Mechanical Corp offers a thorough AC maintenance service that includes cleaning the air conditioner evaporator/condenser coils and unclogging condensate drain lines. They also repair malfunctioning motors and condenser unit thermostats that prevent HVAC systems from operating efficiently. If there is a damp smell from a leaking air conditioner, Carvajal A/C Mechanical Corp technicians will repair the source of the leak and disinfect the unit to ensure it smells fresh.

Each air conditioning contractor at the company is licensed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the North American Technical Excellence Institute, so customers can be assured of professionalism and reliability.

When Carvajal A/C Mechanical Corp contractors determine that a customer’s current air conditioning system needs to be replaced, they assess the property’s dimensions and cooling/heating requirements. This information is then used to recommend ductless and/or centralized air conditioning systems that Carvajal A/C Mechanical Corp specializes in installing. Every air conditioning installation is backed by Carvajal A/C Mechanical Corp’s 100% satisfaction guarantee and all parts such as fans, motors and filters are sourced from some of the most respected AC brands such as Carrier.

If customers only wish to purchase parts without opting for Carvajal A/C Mechanical Corp’s installation services, they can do so by expressing their interest through the company’s online contact form.

Carvajal A/C Mechanical Corp has been providing HVAC services to Miami-Dade residents since 1999. The company offers free quotes on all of its services and its offices are open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and 11:30 a.m. Customers using Carvajal A/C Mechanical Corp services on Sundays are asked to make an appointment by contacting the company in advance.

In order to remain affordable for customers of all income brackets, Carvajal A/C Mechanical Corp offers various financing options in cooperation with Synchrony Bank. The Company also sends out free bi-weekly newsletters to customers who have subscribed to its email subscription service. These newsletters contain numerous AC maintenance tips compiled by the company’s experienced HVAC contractors.

Additional tips and other useful resources on HVAC maintenance, installation and repair, and cleaning dryers and ducts are also regularly posted on the company’s blog.

Those interested in learning more about Carvajal A/C Mechanical Corp air conditioning services and the steps the company is taking to ensure reliability and affordability can visit the website.

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Carvajal A/C Mechanical Corp is a Miami, Florida area HVAC company specializing in the installation, repair and maintenance of ductless and central air conditioning systems. The company also offers duct and dryer vent cleaning services to prevent home fires and keep customers’ HVAC systems running efficiently.

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