Choosing the right commercial cleaning service


There are so many commercial cleaning companies around that choosing the right one for a business can be really tricky. Whether it’s an office, factory, hotel or shop, owners need the right cleaning company for their business, providing the right cleaning services.

Before looking into what traits and attributes a commercial cleaning company should have, here’s an idea some of the kinds of commercial cleaning services available. There are a few to choose from, and picking the right one is extremely important to get the right results. The future of a business can depend on how it is presented.

Types of clean

Regular commercial cleaning services

This is what most business owners think of when it comes to cleaning. A cleaner (or a team of cleaners, depending on the size of the business) will come to the office, retail space, restaurant, etc, and do all of the daily cleaning duties needed.

The daily cleaning duties could be anything from emptying bins and vacuuming to ironing table clothes or mopping a bar floor. Whatever cleaning tasks the business needs, a regular commercial cleaner will do them.

Now, many commercial spaces use cleaners daily as the cleaning requirements for businesses are much higher than for domestic spaces. However, good commercial cleaners are always flexible and will come to a business when needed. More on this later.

Deep cleans of commercial spaces

A deep clean in a commercial space is an excellent starting point. If the search for a cleaner has been going on for a while, the business may not look the way it should right now. Or if the business has just moved into a new space, a deep cleaning can allow the team to start fresh.

Deep cleans are as in-depth as necessary and are typically quite flexible. Clients can add additional cleaning services to deep cleanings, like carpet cleaning, for example to make carpets look brand new and save money on redecoration costs.

Antiviral disinfectant cleaning

Some not have heard of this cleaning service before, but it is one of the most important for any business. Antiviral disinfectant cleaning services involve a fogging machine. The machine is placed in the workspace and sprays an anti-bacterial fog over everything. This kills all of the germs in the office and leaves a layer of protection behind. Many businesses used this cleaning service during the pandemic to keep their staff safe. However, during the summer months, when hay fever is lingering, or the winter months, when colds and the flu are present, this is an excellent cleaning service to rely on.

Choosing the right cleaning company

It is well worth finding a commercial cleaning company that can provide all of the cleaning services mentioned above. If the company is only looking for one cleaning service right now, that’s fine. But what if a deep clean is needed later on? Or the contract starts with a deep clean and regular cleaning services are necessary later on, but the team chosen for the deep clean doesn’t provide regular cleaning sessions?

Using a cleaning company that has more cleaning services than a business will ever need provides options. And it means that the cleaning will be provided by the cleaners and company that are trusted and already depended upon. But how to find that commercial cleaning company? What should one look for? Here are four things any commercial cleaning company must have.


The cleaning company must have experience in cleaning the commercial space in question. Different businesses throw up different cleaning challenges, and it is up to the cleaners to know what they’re doing and how to solve situations quickly.


The cleaners must show up on time, every time. When a business wants to look its absolute best for customers and staff, they are relying on the cleaners to do their job well at the times they say they can do it.


Cleaning tasks can change day to day in businesses, so it’s necessary to have a cleaning company that can keep up. The team also need to be able to provide specialist cleaning tools (carpet shampooing machines, for example) so that the business always looks great.

Trustworthy, passionate and hardworking cleaners

Cleaners who are passionate and hardworking are always going to outperform ones that aren’t. It’s best to look for cleaning companies that pay their cleaners a living wage. This attracts a better standard of cleaner who are trustworthy and dedicated.

Finding a commercial cleaning company that can provide all of the cleaning services a business needs and that has high-quality equipment and staff is the best way of ensuring that the company is in safe hands and will look great for its customers.

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