Published February 1, 2023

Cleaning the dryer vents removes accumulated lint from the duct lines attached to the dryer. Regular cleaning is recommended to improve dryer efficiency, unit longevity and reduce the risk of dryer fire.

Dryer Vents RVA and Corey Parrish are pleased to announce that the company is supplying professional cleaning processes to the Richmond, Virginia area. A standard cleaning procedure replaces the dryer’s existing flexible ducting with the most fire-resistant ducting available on the market today. Next, a snake cleans the rest of the flex line. Finally, provide the skilled technicians Dryer vent cleaning in Richmond VA Take photos before and after the procedure to check the quality of the work.

Cleaning the dryer vents removes lint buildup from the flex line that attaches to the dryer. The purpose of vent cleaning is to improve dryer efficiency, increase unit longevity, and reduce the risk of dryer fire. The most common problems with dryer vents are a flex line that is too long and a cover that doesn’t allow the lint to escape. Also, many exhaust covers have ridges or holes that are too small for the lint to get through.

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A more extensive process is required when the dryer vent does not meet local codes and requires an overhaul. If the vent is not in place, the technicians can bid on the project. The technicians create free installation and repair offers for the customer. The National Fire Prevention Association recommends cleaning the dryer vent annually or more frequently. This prevents lint build-up and significantly reduces the risk of a dryer fire.

The dangers of dirty or clogged dryer vents include an increased risk of fire if the lint catches fire. A dryer fire could cause major damage to the dryer and even the rest of the structure. A clogged or dirty vent will force the dryer to work harder to dry the clothes. Ultimately, overuse will shorten the life of the device. Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs in gas powered dryers that become clogged. The gas can find its way back into the home, which can lead to serious health problems.

About the company:

Dryer ventilation RVA offers experienced technicians to repair or install dryer vents. Regular cleaning of the ducts helps to avoid the risk of dryer fires. The Company’s service area includes Richmond, Virginia and the surrounding area.

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