Experts warn against trying TikToks miracle bleach grout cleaning hack

Cleaning hacks can be the ultimate time and energy saver. However, experts are warning of a bleach mortar cleaning hack that could do more damage
to your bathroom than you think.

A hack for how to clean feet has taken TikTok by storm lately. The trick — which has been doing the rounds on the social media platform’s “Cleantok” page — is to pour in pieces of toilet paper (or kitchen roll). bleaching.

Videos inform people that they should then line up the paper on their grout — whether it’s in their shower or bath — and press it into the black mold stains that have formed.

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Most videos then recommend letting the bleach-soaked toilet paper sit overnight, or at least for a few hours, before wiping the paper over the grout to remove the black mold. Most videos appear to have the grout wiped clean after the hack, leaving users gleaming white grout again.

So it seems like an incredibly effective way to clean one of the most difficult parts of the bathroom. However, cleaning experts warn that this hack is best avoided.

Jennifer Sharpe, Chief Fragrance Officer at fabulousShe explained that while effective, she wouldn’t advise trying this trick at home. “I would not recommend using bleach on grout as it could compromise the integrity of the grout by potentially causing damage and breaking it down. Instead, I would strongly recommend using a relevant task-specific product.’

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Sam Stawarz, cleaning expert and operations manager time for you agreed, explaining that pure bleach can be really dangerous when used in this way. “I would never recommend using straight bleach,” he said. “For starters, it can be really dangerous for your health.”

Stawarz even explained that the trick doesn’t even seem to work properly. “This ‘hack’ doesn’t actually get rid of the mold, it just hides it.”

cleaning expert Housetasticand owner of Squeaky clean queens (opens in new tab), Karen Barrigan agreed, explaining, “This claim has been backed up by experts, including a mycologist who states that this is one of the worst ways to combat mold growth in your home. Putting bleach on the mold will simply remove the color but leave the mushrooms. With this method, the mold keeps coming back after a few weeks.”

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Therefore, Sharpe warns against blindly following cleaning hacks on platforms like TikTok and instead exercise caution. “Cleaning has become a fun hobby for many people, especially with the rise of ‘cleanfluencers’. But it’s important to remember that cleaning products are made of chemicals that fight viruses, bacteria and germs and must be used safely.”

So how are we supposed to treat – or eliminate – mold in our bathrooms?

Stawarz explained: “The best thing is prevention; It’s always best to stop building before it’s too late. Use a stain-resistant grout sealer and clean regularly with the right mold and mildew spray. These are usually bleach based, but in lower amounts, and are usually mixed with other compounds to actually remove the black mold.’

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