Surrey, BC: Thanks to affordable and quality cleaning services provided by certified and qualified technicians, Knight of Purification – Surrey Carpet Cleaners is emerging as one of the top players in the ever-growing domestic cleaning market. The company is looking to expand its team to keep up with the workload and continue to provide cleaning services to residents of Surrey and southwest British Columbia.

In addition to expansion, the company offers a number of Carpet and upholstery cleaning Services. It uses proven methods to improve the look, feel and lifespan of the carpet. The experienced team also cleans carpets to enrich the airflow and prevent living spaces from becoming stuffy and unpleasantly smelling. Unlike regular vacuuming, they use top-of-the-line portable cleaning equipment with carefully selected products that leave the carpet smelling fresh.

Knights Of Cleaning – Surrey Carpet Cleaners also offers upholstery cleaning to Vancouver residents to make their homes safe for children and pets, save money and maintain the appearance of the home. Regardless of the condition of the sofa, settee, dining chair or accent chair, the company offers a bespoke service – starting with the fabric inspection. They also provide an unobtrusive approach before rinsing the upholstery with high temperature but low pressure water.

Residential customers with dirty and dingy mattresses can request professional cleaning to remove dust, allergens, dirt and unpleasant odors. The team also cleans mattresses to improve the customer’s sleep quality and remove unwanted stains. Like other services, the company first inspects the mattress before pre-treating it with quality pre-spray. They also disinfect it with an antibacterial spray.

In addition, Knights Of Cleaning – Surrey Carpet Cleaners offer carpet cleaning to improve carpet life, improve airflow and improve customer health. Whether it’s a Persian or an Oriental rug, the staff cleans and dries it with the right tools – before it’s packed for shipment. The company also offers detailed inspection and measurement, helping the customer understand the condition of the carpet and how often it should be cleaned to improve its lifespan.

The cleaning company also offers vehicle and interior cleaning and makes sure the seats, carpets and mats look like new. To personalize the service, the cleaning technicians first thoroughly examine the interior of the vehicle to determine the most effective cleaning methods. Based on the results, they pre-treat it with a premium pre-spray solution before finishing the process with a post-treat solution to remove odors and dirt. Car owners interested in improving their car’s aesthetics and extending the life of their seats are also candidates for car interior cleaning.

Knights of Cleaning – Surrey Carpet Cleaners is located at 7716 146 St, Surrey, British Columbia, V3S 2T6, CA. Experienced technicians interested in joining the rapidly growing company can contact management at (604) 349-4743. Visit the website for more information on carpet and upholstery cleaning.

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Knights of Cleaning – Surrey Carpet Cleaners
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James Minett
(604) 349-4743
7716 146 St
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British Columbia
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V3S 2T6

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