Keeping dryer vents clean is the focus of this locally owned and operated small business in the Houston, Texas area. The company has been offering repair and maintenance services since 2005.

Dryer Vent Authority and Donald Richardson are pleased to announce the offer from the small locally owned business Cleaning dryer vents in Houston, TX has been in operation for seventeen years. The family business has served Spring, Humble, Houston, Tomball and Kingwood since 2005. The company’s goal is to be more than just a dryer vent repair business. It would like to be the long-term partner to ensure customers’ homes are comfortable and safe.

The company is a full service operation with the ability to service all types of vents and dryers. Regardless of whether the customer has a regular cleaning or a special project, the team is ready to respond with the right methods and equipment. Keeping the dryer vents clean is something that should not be neglected. Aging dryer vents can become clogged with dirt and lint. These blockages can create a fire hazard. Regular maintenance is the optimal way to keep the house safe.

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According to entrepreneur Donnie Richardson, “I knew there was a need in the Houston area for a more efficient way to clean dryer vents. Dryer Vent Authority offers a worry-free experience and the peace of mind that the team of experts are working on your home. We assure our customers a quick response by a professional team with advanced equipment.”

The Company’s services include dryer vent inspection and dryer vent cleaning. Cleaning bathroom exhaust fans and re-routing dryer vents and replacing exhaust covers and hoses. The company also offers refrigerator condenser coil cleaning services. All of these services are performed efficiently and effectively. The professional team offers skills and quick repair and maintenance services to ensure the dryer works efficiently.

About the company:

Dryer Vent Authority offers a full range of dryer and dryer venting services. Regular cleaning is recommended to avoid the risk of fire from clogged ventilation openings. The company is willing to inspect customers’ dryer equipment and do cleaning and repairs.

media contact
Name of the company: Dryer Vent Authority
Interlocutor: Donald Richardson
E-mail: Send e-mail
Phone: (832) 694-1299
Address:440 Benmar Drive Ste 1088
City: Houston
Federal State: TX77060
Country: United States

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