Homeowners can have their upholstery cleaned effectively with Pinnacle Eco Clean.

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Rochester, NY — (ReleaseWire) – 11/17/2022 – Pinnacle Eco Clean was founded in 1980 and has carpet and Air duct cleaning in Victor and Rochester, New York for several decades. They work on both residential and commercial projects. Pinnacle Eco Clean staff are experienced in maintaining oriental rugs and can even teach customers how to look after and preserve their fine rugs.

Proper upholstery care at home is extremely important. Upholstery that is full of dirt, allergens or old stains can negatively affect indoor air quality. Every time a person sits down or moves around their upholstered furniture, they unknowingly release mold spores, dead skin, bacteria, dust and dirt into the air of their home. Cleaning the upholstery would remove dirt, grime, dust and odors and help preserve its vibrant colors and original appearance.

Pinnacle Eco Clean is one of the most prominent service providers of Upholstery cleaning in Fairport and Rochester, New York. This company is IICRC certified for upholstery cleaning. It has over three decades of experience cleaning all types of fabrics, including natural fibers such as cotton, wool and silk. Pinnacle Eco Clean uses the processes, equipment and products best suited to each fabric. Fabrics made up of multiple types of fibers require innovative cleaning methods, proven techniques and the right care. Therefore, only experienced companies such as Pinnacle Eco Clean should be trusted for this task. This company is recommended by several interior designers, carpet shops, furniture stores and more. Through Pinnacle Eco Clean, people can also get eco-friendly upholstery protectants, including Scotchgard and Fiber Protector. It is advisable to apply fabric protectant to the upholstery to repel dirt and spills.

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About Pinnacle Eco Clean
Pinnacle Eco Clean provides carpet, floor and rug cleaning services in Rochester, Fairport, Monroe County, Brighton, Pittsford, Victor and surrounding areas.

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