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As the holiday season approaches, we would like to show our gratitude for all your hard work and dedication throughout these challenging times

Servicon, Southern California’s leading hospital environmental services (EVS) and commercial cleaning services provider, presented each of its employees throughout the entire nation with a $25 voucher to help them with holiday expenses amid near-record inflation. The vouchers are accepted at grocery stores nationwide and can be used to buy a turkey, ham, or any food or non-food item of employees’ choice.

“As the holiday season approaches, we would like to show our gratitude for all your hard work and dedication throughout these challenging times,” Servicon CEO and president Laurie Sewell and Servicon Chairperson Michael Mahdesian wrote in a joint email to the company’s employees. “Although the worst of the pandemic has subsided, we’ve all experienced the rising cost of goods when we drive past the gas station or visit our local grocery stores. We know this has been difficult for everyone…. We are so proud of your contributions to our company and our community, and we hope this gift makes your Thanksgiving holiday a little easier this year.”

The U.S. inflation rate was 14.3% in October, while energy was 173% more expensive than one year previously.

$1.5 Million to Team Members

The presentation of vouchers is another example of Servicon’s ongoing commitment to “do right” by its employees and the community. Since 2020, the company has given more than $1.5 million to its team members, including additional financial assistance during the pandemic to help them and their families get through what were tough financial times for many due to shutdowns across industries.

In September 2022, the company presented two winners with the first Richard Mahdesian Award. Each award included a $1,500 gift card and a certificate signed by Servicon president and CEO Laurie Sewell. The winners’ names will be added to a trophy at Servicon’s Culver City headquarters.

The award, which will be presented annually and is named after Servicon’s founder, recognizes exceptional and caring Servicon team members, traits for which Mahdesian, the company’s founder, was known.

In October 2022, the company presented 8 scholarships, totaling $2,500 dollars each to the children or dependents of employees seeking academic or trade school degrees. And last August, Servicon team members partnered with L.A. Works for Servicon’s second annual Community Service Day.

“We believe there must be more to companies than just their bottom lines,” says Sewell. “Our purpose is to create healthy environments for people to thrive. This goal would be impossible to achieve without our team members and the community. We can’t prevent pandemics, halt inflation, or prevent homelessness. But we can do what we can to help improve our employees’ and communities’ lives.”

About Servicon & Its EVS and Commercial Cleaning Services

Servicon is dedicated to providing exemplary hospital environmental services (EVS), commercial cleaning services, and facility maintenance services for complex facilities throughout Southern California and surrounding areas. We service various industries, including healthcare, aerospace, municipal, and manufacturing.

At Servicon, we live by our purpose: to elevate the industry and provide healthy environments for people to thrive. As a privately held, women-owned and operated company, we work and live by our vision of creating a better working future.

To learn more about our cleaning, disinfecting, and other infection-prevention services for complex facilities and social and sustainability accomplishments, visit or contact us.

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