When you already have all of your regular cleaning tasks on your to-do list, the idea of ​​taking the extra time to polish your appliances can seem far-fetched. But keep your devices clean and in tip-top shape can actually reduce the time it takes you to use them — not to mention extend their lifespan — and Amazon shoppers say this handy on sale dryer vent cleaning kit takes some of the pain out of doing laundry.

The Holikme 2 Piece Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit has 19,800 five-star ratings and nearly 1,900 positive reviews. Thanks to both, it has climbed to the top on Amazon vacuum attachments Category. The aim of the kit is to help you remove debris from your lint filter and dryer vent, depending on the brand. The combination of the extra long drybrush and suction hose attachment helps you achieve that goal – and buyers say it works.


Buy it: Holikme 2 Piece Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit$12 (was $17), Amazon

“Our dryer had stopped drying properly and had a very strange smell that it transferred to our clothes. To our shock, there was a mass of disgusting hair and dust under the lint filter that we could NOT reach.” shared a five-star reviewer who turned to both tools in the set to “max out the evil”. After the cleaning was complete, they said, “Our dryer is now working properly again!”

Using the two-piece set is easy. For easy cleaning of the inside of your dryer, use the bristle brush to remove lint from the inner screen. Then when you’re ready to deep clean, connect the plastic hose and two vacuum cleaner adapters together and attach to your vacuum cleaner. The combo lets you clean those hard-to-reach spots in your outside dryer vent and even a little deeper inside your dryer. The end result is a faster running device and one that the brand says prevents fire hazards.

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“Recently our clothes were taking a little longer to dry so I decided to give it a try and I’m disgusted by the amount of lint stuck in our dryer.” wrote one buyer who said the vacuum attachment was “super easy to put together”. They found they had some trouble fitting it onto their Dyson ball vacuum, but were able to get it to work. Ultimately, they came to the conclusion that they’d rather spend a few bucks on a dryer cleaning kit than a lot more on a new appliance.

While it’s on sale for just $12, Obtain a Holikme dryer vent cleaning kit. Finally, if your goal is to get your laundry done quickly, cleaning your dryer regularly will help ensure your trusty appliance is safely up to the task now and for years to come.

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